The Five Emanations: Aligning the Modern Mind with the Ancient Soul

The Five Emanations

Creativity is based on receptivity. Hearing the original self speak is based on quieting the conditioned self’s habit thoughts, emotions and memories. Attuning ourselves to the One is based on clearing out an inner place for the One to lodge. But the “how” of achieving such a goal can seem so elusive—or can presented in ways that make it seem like real results come only after decades of a monastic-like way of life. Following up on his highly acclaimed work, The Toltec I Ching, William produces this concise course in self-transformation. Based on his own death experience, Horden translates the ancient teachings on unifying the higher and lower souls into a practical guide for the modern mind. The Five Emanations is, in this sense, the newest incarnation of those ancient protocols that belong to this historical epoch. It is a course of self-transformation in the tradition of sudden enlightenment practitioners. It follows in the footsteps of those who empty out their self-defeating patterns of thought, emotion, and memory in order to make a lodging-place for the original uncreated awareness.

It points to the shortcut method by which the modern mind of one’s contemporaries is permanently aligned with the ancient soul ever-awakening within every form. In all this, it adheres to the ancient teaching of self-liberation, which transcends the separation of spirit and matter by uniting That Which Is Above with That Which Is Below in this very body and in this very lifetime.

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