Way of the Diviner

Way of the DivinerThe companion volume to “In the Oneness of Time: The Education of a Diviner,” which recounts the author’s encounters with a series of remarkable teachers and teachings. The present volume extends those teachings by incorporating the author’s experiences in the decades since his initiation.

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Chapter   1    Ending

Chapter   2    Beginning

Chapter   3    Map of the Invisible

Chapter   4    To Divine is Human

Chapter   5    Seeds of Incipience

Chapter   6    The Valley Spirit

Chapter   7    The Art of Listening

Chapter   8    The World Soul

Chapter   9    The Nagual

Chapter 10    The Shift

Chapter 11    Enlightenment

Chapter 12    Cultivation

Chapter 13    Esoteric Reincarnation

Chapter 14    Wild Seeing

Chapter 15    Angelology

Chapter 16    Theurgy

Chapter 17    Divine Fire

Chapter 18    Flower and Song

Chapter 19    Song

Chapter 20   The Greater Work

Chapter 21    Number and Soul

Chapter 22    The Last Mirage

Chapter 23    The Community of Return

Chapter 24    Dream Body

Chapter 25    Alchemy

Chapter 26    i Ching

Chapter 27    Meaning

Chapter 28    Personal & Confidential

Chapter 29    Channeling

Chapter 30    The Tonal

Chapter 31    Spirit of the Forest

Chapter 32    Writing with Light

Chapter 33    In Other Words

Chapter 34    The Way of Change

Chapter 35    Rational Mysticism